Creating Something from Nothing or Stepping on a Cloud & Hoping I Won't Fall Through

I'm a quarter into my latest novel, MURDER ON SONGBIRD LANE. Each day when I open my computer, I feel as if I'm stepping on a cloud and hoping not to fall through. That's the kind of faith it takes to create something from nothing. That's the kind of faith it takes to be an artist.

Like Elizabeth Gilbert, the brilliant writer of one of my favorite books Eat Pray Love, said in her uber-awesome speech on creativity, you must have faith in The Muse or God or Your Inspiration or whatever you choose to call it. You need to show up every day for your part of the job and have faith that she - your muse - will, too.

Here are lyrics to a song I wrote many moons ago. (Seriously, I was 20.) It's called VOICES IN THE WIND and it's about exactly that - listening for the magical voices and capturing them while you can:

Songs from within the w
Rap upon their doors

Currents whisper to lookers who will hear

Camouflaged dancers all waiting for a show
Waiting for their show

To talk and laugh and sing

Magical murmurs are asking to be caged

So they may open up and speak their minds on stage

Absent are heartbeats, still they're living for word

Living to be heard
To talk and laugh and sing

To talk and laugh and sing
A message each does bring

To have the chance to say...

We artists sometimes feel afraid to do the work we were put on this earth to do. Why? Because being a creative person is both a gift and a curse. A gift because artists see the world differently and are able to communicate our communal experiences better or more clearly or more powerfully than non-artists. A curse because being an artist is often a scary unacknowledged thing that can - if we let it - haunt our very souls.

So, here's to you, my writer friends. Here's to your courage, your commitment, your artistry, and your willingness to bare your souls in the face of what may be joyous glory or dark lonely despair. Why do we do it? Because we are artists and it is our joy, our challenge, and our calling to create.

So, for today, I'm showing up for my part of the job. I'm committed, as always, to creating something from nothing - and to stepping out onto that cloud feeling fully supported and free.
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