Sweet Tute Tuesday #1-Milk Glass Stars

Hello FaBuLoUs friends!! Ok, so there was a little mis-communication for the guest post that was to be posted yesterday so I apologize for the lack of a Monday post, but I'm making up for it today with a special edition of Sweet Tute Tuesday-TWO Tute Tuesday! That's right-2 fun posts today!

Two Tute Tuesday-Tute #1:The first idea for you is my last addition of 4th of July decor. If you've circuited the blog world for the past couple weeks you've probably already seen this cute idea, but I stole the idea for these Patriotic Milk Glass Stars from Madigan Made. These stars are made from DOLLAR STORE candy dishes-I know, read on I'll tell you how she did it cause I just gotta share the love on this!

Also, I displayed them next to this 4th of July Printable from The Crafting Chicks. I've seen about 10 different printables floating around and this one is my favorite and it just so happens the blue matches my star perfectly. Thanks Crafting Chicks!!

Okay, so back to the stars. I bought 3 star candy dishes from the $store. I used red, white and blue spray paint (all of which I already had) to coat only the inside of the glass. Using light coats of paint and then sort of swirling the paint around the inside, is the key to making sure you don't get streaks or runs of paint. P.S. I love the design on the bottom of the glass!

The paint that inevitably gets on the outside of the star (from the overspray) I just used acetone to take off. This way you really get the milk glass look!

A tip from Madigan Made was to put a dollop of hot glue on the tip of each of the bottom points of the star to keep it upright. Without the glue it leans forward just a tad.

So easy, So cheap, So perfect for July!

Catch ya back here later today with a tutorial for a year-round decoration in your home! That is, after we swim for a few hours, play some games and I smooch on that newborn baby a little more-remember I'm on vacation!! :)
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