Sweet Tute Tuesday-July 4th Wreath

If you know me (like really know, as in have physically met me at some point in my 27 years of living) you probably come over to Love Sweet Love from my family blog in which case you may remember this wreath from last year. But since I wasn't craft blogging back then I thought I'd put it up on this blog as well since it's a SpUnKy, EEEasy,, chEAp decoration that can be put up outside or inside to celebrate the 4th!

I saw this idea here first, and since I had an extra wreath in my craft overflowing-stuffed full-driving the husband crazy-closet storage, and found holiday decor 30% off at Micheals I wanted to give it a go! Want to give it a try?! Here ya go:

You need about 9 feet of garland (give or take- depending on how big your wreath is), a wreath and a glue gun.

Then I just started by gluing the beginning of the string of garland onto the back of my wreath and then tightly wrapped it around the whole thing until it came back to where I started. Then glued the end of the string (I used all 9 feet) to the wreath and that was all!

*Garland-$3.50, wreath free from a previous project, glue/gun already had.

Ta-Da! I first hung this on my post outside until I found/made a decoration to hang there.

Then I moved it over to the door which is where it sits now!

For $3.50 I love, love, love my SpUnKy wreath! Tomorrow I'll be back with another DIY tutorial for the outdoors...something that's perfect for these summer nights creepin' up on us (well in my neck of the woods anyway)! See ya then and thanks for stopping by!

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