Whatever Wednesday...Q-Tips Jar

So technically it's still Wednesday (for like 40 more min!) so I'm still squeezing this in for my Whatever Wednesday post! And Whatever Wednesday's will be just that...whatever I'm in the mood to post that day! Today I wanted to show you how to make a QUICK, adorable accessory to the Wipes Band case, or just an accessory for your own bathroom!

A Q-Tips jar! (Inspiration from Less Cake More Frosting)

Since this was to be the second part of the baby gift for my sister, I did it to match the wipes band, but you could do this in any color! I started by spray painting the silver, metal lid using black lacquer from Rustoleum.

Next, I filled it with HOT pink q-tips! (I found the q-tips at Walmart for a little over $1, and the glass jar is from H.L.-$1 (their glassware is 50% off right now).

Just because I love to give all my projects a little Sweet Love, I wrapped pink grosgrain ribbon around the top half of the jar (using hot glue to glue the two ends to the jar) and then added a small black bow to the corner.

Lastly, add some lettering to the bottom (you know...just in case someone can't figure out what's in the jar just by looking at it :) ). I used vinyl cut from my cricut, but scrapbook stickers would work as well!

And your little BEAUTY is complete! Easy and cheap, my kinda project;)

To see this jar done another way you can find the last one I did HERE.

Thanks so much for popping over for a visit, I love you for being here!!! Have a fantabulous day ok?! I'm headed off to the south of UT tomorrow for my sisters baby shower while Mr. SUPER Sweet Love takes the kids until Sun.! Although I'll miss my two little bugs a LOT, I am eagerly looking forward to sleeping in past 7 am for a couple days AND a girls weekend with my 3 sisters and mom!

Next week I'll show you the last part of this gift set!

Check back tomorrow for what I've got going on for Thoughtful Thursday!

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