Nanococoa (No Relation to Nanowrimo)

Just popping in to let you know I haven't died of Nanococoa (medical term for: lack of chocolate - no relation to Nanowrimo). I also haven't lost any weight, which seems wickedly unfair. HOWEVER, I am exercising three times a week and, in the words of an old Chicago song, feeling stronger every day**.

I have not spent one red (or even copper) cent on clothing, make-up, jewelry, or (and this hurts to write) shoes. Not one. 
I've got precisely 10 (long, arduous, chocolate-free) days to go, but who's counting? (I mean, besides me.) At that time, you will most likely find me lying cold and dirty on a park bench buried beneath Nordstrom bags and Hostess Cupcakes wrappers.

Until then, pray for me and keep me in your chocolate-covered Franco Sarto-filled thoughts. 

I'll write again when this self-inflicted chocolate-shopping torture is over.

**Interesting fact: I actually was a young member of the audience when this show, "Chicago in The Rockies" was recorded in 1973!!!

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