DIY Robot Costume and MORE exciting news!!!

Good Monday Morning everybody!! Did you have a good weekend?! We made a quick trip to Salt Lake (I'm about an hour and a half north of there), finished up a few more Halloween crafts, and I got a nap in yesterday so I'm feeling pretty good!

Guess what else is rockin' my socks this morning?!?! I found out I came in SECOND place (out of 15) in the American Crafter round 1 competition by ONE vote!!!! Ha Ha so thank you, YOUR one vote made that happen! :) I seriously could not have made it without you, so thank you thank you for taking the time to help me out!! I love you guys!!! This means that I"ll be one of 10 people moving on to round 2 of this crazy competition!

Our 'House of Order' projects will be up on Friday for voting, so get your fingers ready for clickin'!

I thought I'd kick off our second week of October MaDnESs by sharing this robot costume we made for my little guy last Halloween (before I was blogging so sorry about the picture quality). If you've got a little guy that wants to be a robot, I promise he will be THE coolest kid trick-or-treating in your neighborhood in this!

I came up with the basic robot parts and costume, and Mr. Sweet Love had the idea to add all the blinky lights, and it's totally what made this costume ROCK!

For this top light he cut a hole in the bottom side of a shoe box, inserted a BRIGHT flashlight and used electrical tape to hold it in place. I then covered it with a styrofoam cup I spray painted silver.

The lights on the side are from those pens that have the cool lights on the end, that when you push the button on the pen they slowly change color, or blink. The pens were just pushed through the cardboard and held in place by electrical tape.

This round light was actually a camping light (like the battery powered ones you hang in your tent). We covered it with some orange tissue paper (it was silver, but we wanted it to stand out) and since it's really light we just taped it to the front of the box.

The other parts of the robot were just from things around the house all spray painted silver-styrofoam cups, pudding cups, styrofoam plate, etc. The robot itself is made from cardboard boxes covered with foil. And the arms and legs are dryer hoses picked up from Walmart.

He was really into robots last year and he looooved this costume!!

After awhile the head part started to get a little heavy so his daddy helped him out by carrying him from house to house. Still totally worth it! :)

AND since it was cold and rainy last Halloween it was nice to have a big, thick, insulated costume! Ha ha! And this sweet little witch costume is what I'm sharing with you tomorrow!!

Thank you for checking out Love Sweet Love today, I'm SOOOO glad you're here! Have a fantastic Monday, see ya tomorrow!!
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