EXCITING NEWS and Ghost footprints!

Guess what?! Guess what?! Guess what?!?!!? Okay, let me just tell you because I am BURSTING with excitement!!!! (how many !!! are socially acceptable in a blog post because mine would be like as many are acceptable mmmmkay!) You may or may not have noticed a little button over on my sidebar that says I'm a contestant for American Crafter hosted by Amy from Naptime Crafters!!! What?! For reals. I'm pretty shocked excited about it myself!

Amy just posted the 15 contestant on her blog yesterday and the other 14 bloggers are FANTASTIC! Be sure to go check them out! The competition will be TOUGH but I'm looking forward to the challenge! The voting for the first round will be held at Naptime Crafters this Fri and winners move on to the next round based on number of votes so I'll need YOU to help me out!!! Pretty pretty please! :) Besides, you are NOT going to want to miss 15 awesomely unique halloween projects right?! Don't worry I'll be back to remind you! :)

Now onto some more pretty exciting stuff...a new Halloween project to add to our October MaDnESs! (missed the previous posts in this series? check them out here!)

It is SO fun to decorate for holidays now that my kids are old enough to enjoy and want to be apart of the decorating! When I saw this fun idea on pinterest (and THIS is the blog where the idea came from), I knew my kids would be really excited to help with the project!!

Here's some easy instructions in case you want to do something similar for your little ghosts and goblins! :)

1. Start with a blank canvas (I got mine from JoAnns when they were on sale 50% off so it cost me $3.50) and paint it black. I used regular acrylic paint.
2. When the paint has completely dried (I waited overnight) paint the bottom of those ticklish little feet white and have them press their foot onto the canvas! Make sure to push down gently on each little piggy so all the paint transfers! Then I used my pinky finger, while the paint was still wet, to remove the white paint to make the eyes.
3. Next I just used a white paint pen and freehanded the words onto the canvas.
4. Lastly I gave my baby girl ghost a little bow and cut a small top-hat out for the gent.

Easy as that!

This is, by FAR, the kids favorite Halloween project yet! We even had a few neighbor kids run over when we were outside painting our feet and they were pretty jealous! :)

Are you enjoying getting ready for Halloween?! Thank you so much for popping in today, I LOVE having you here!! Oh what was that? You want to know what that pumpkin in the pictures is all about? Come back tomorrow and I'll have an easy and MESSY (my favorite) pumpkin project for you!! Have a Sweetly Lovely day my lovelies!

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