Decorative Fall Chargers

I Love Fall. Love Love Love Love.

I want pumpkin anything in my mouth; reds, golds, and browns smothered on me, my children and my house; and scarves, boots and leggings littering my closet floor.

It is the perfect time of year and in my area of the world (northern ut) it is breathtakingly gorgeous. BREATH. TAKINGLY.

And it probably goes without saying, although it is absolutely worth mentioning, it
means that glorious Thanksgiving feast I wait ALL year for. No lie. My husband is the best cook in the world and he lets his talents shine that one day a year.

Sooooo, I thought for my first fall craft this year I'd share a simple-and cheap-idea that you could use for a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving feast, or just as a decoration around the house.
Decorative Fall Chargers

I got this idea while shopping at Michaels where they had some Halloween ones displayed. Since I was in charge of creating a fall craft for the woman in our church to replicate for a Relief Society activity, I thought I would take the decorating a charger idea and create my own fall ones. I figured these would be easy enough that they could be done in the time frame we had, all the materials would be easy to have available and the cost would be affordable (it cost me $15 to make all 3...approx $5/plate).

Want to make some too?!?! Here's how I made these 3...

Give Thanks Charger

I started with a gold charger ($1.99) from Michaels and using brown glittery chipboard stickers wrote out...give {thanks}

I then added a couple orangey, gold rhinestone stickers to the side of the charger (also purchased at Michaels). Since the stickers go down over the curve of the plate they weren't sticking to the plate very well so I added a couple dabs of hot glue in places where it would pop up and problem was solved!

These leaves came in a package of and some were felt with rhinestones already adhered to them, some were plain felt, some were patterned paper, some were glittery,etc. I played around with a few of the different leaves in the package till I got the look I wanted and used hot glue to glue some glittery leaves to the felt ones and then glued them around the outer edge.

And then added it to the set up on my sweet little kitchen table :)

Monogram Charger

This one probably took the most supplies...

-Bronze charger
-1 sheet scrapbook paper
-Spray Adhesive
-Xacto knife pictured...not used :)
-Thin wood letter (mine's from Hobby Lobby)
-bronze glitter
-gold glitter glue
-gold ribbon

First I cut the paper to fit the inside of the charger and sprayed spray adhesive to the back of the paper and then pressed it onto the plate. Next I sprayed my wood letter with the spray adhesive and sprinkled glitter all over to cover. I then used E6000 to glue the letter to the charger.

Before I added the gold ribbon, I used the gold glitter glue and made small dots about every 2 1/2" around the edge of the scrapbook paper (sorry I don't have a pic of it and you can't tell in these pictures b/c it blends in with the background of the paper, but in person it's really pretty! :) ) To keep the ribbon tied to the top half of the plate and not have it slipping off, I put a little dab of hot glue on the back of the plate where the ribbon rested and it stays in place perfectly!

(this could make a great gift too!)

And lastly...the FALL charger

This was also on a bronze charger (even though in the pic it looks red??) and I started it the same way as the last one, by cutting a sheet of scrapbook paper to fit the center and using spray adhesive to adhere it to the charger. Then using mini glue dots and red ribbon I made a...wave (is there a better word for this-ha ha!!) around the paper.

I then took a couple of felt leaves from the package I used on the 'give thanks' charger above, hot glued them together and used red, glittery chipboard stickers to spell out fall across the leaves.

And then hot glued that onto the bottom right corner of the charger.

And then added them to my fall mantle! The FALL charger is actually not in that window space anymore, I just put it there temporarily until I finished my new fall wreath(SOoOoO excited to show you!).

See I told you...SMoThErED in fall colors. I can't help it. It's a sickness (that I love :) ).

You can find info about my window makeover here and my Turkey Thanksgiving Advent here. Thank you so much for stopping by today and reading/looking at pictures (it's ok, I usually skim the post and just look at the pics too :) ). I've got fall projects coming out my ears right now, so I'll be back soon with something new!! Have a Sweetly Lovely day today!
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