Fall Scrap Tutu & Turkey Shirt

Howdy Ho my friends! How is your week going?!?! Can I just tell you...I wish you were just sitting right here in my living room with me, next to my {electric :) } fireplace, sipping hot apple cider, helping me plan my Thanksgiving menu! (I'm actually not really at this moment doing any of those things...I'm really bundled up in sweats and slippers, eating a mint oreo cookie shake that my husband just made for me, sitting at the cluttered computer desk in my bedroom, wishing I was snuggled in bed watching Once Upon A Time on hulu...but if YOU were here we'd be in the living room because my bedrooms a mess and hot cider is debatedly better than ice cream.)

I wish we could all just craft together and chat and laugh and be friends in *real* life! I love creating projects and writing up tutorials and blogging, but I wish I was talking TO YOU rather than to the computer. You know what I mean right?! Oh my dear sweet bloggy friends (AND those of you who know me in *real* life!) I love that-even though I can't see your faces and know you for realz too-we're friends and I appreciate your comments and support!

Anywho...just know I really do care about YOU (even though I'm not exactly sure who YOU might be-but I see you come and visit through my Feedjit reader and it makes me happy :) ) and am so happy you stop by to see what's going on here! Thank you!

So....did you guess yesterday that all those scraps of fabric might be for a skirt?!

After all the crazy projects I've been doing with fabric over the last couple months I have quite the little stash built up sooooo I decided to throw all the leftover scraps (well the ones that had any remote relation to the fall color family) together and make a scrap tutu for my little one. (gosh she's almost THREE can I still call her my little one?!)

I made one for her for Halloween as well, but didn't have time to post it during October. I made it the same way, but added some purple, green, orange and black tulle to this one to make it a little more spunky for Halloween.

You see the tulle tutu's ALL over, but the fabric ones are a little more rare so I like that! This was a great way to use up some of that fabric leftover from my pumpkins and crates so nothing goes wasted!! When I bought the elastic for the Halloween skirt there was enough in the package (1 1/4 yard for about $1.50) for me to make 2 skirts so I was pretty excited to do this fall one! :) If you want to make one too, here's how I did it...!

1. Take 1" thick elastic and measure around your child's waist. Cut and then use a safety pin to connect the two ends to create a band.
2. Cut lots, and lots, and lots of fabric into strips. Mine are about 1.5"x18-20'. (I cut them all different lengths).

3. Fold the fabric strip in half so the two ends touch. Pull the folded end under your elastic band.

4. Pull up the two ends together and tuck them into the loop and pull up.

5. Then pull the strip downward to tighten and make sure it touches right against the last strip of fabric you tied on so there are no gaps of white elastic showing.

**TIP**:It's much easier to make a nice FULL skirt when you place the elastic band around your thigh while tying on the strips b/c this stretches the elastic giving you more room to add more fabric!

When it's done it'll be nice and tight and full of color! This is what the inside of your band should look like. If you see any gaps or white peeking out at you just tie on another strip, the more the merrier!


I had wanted to make some sort of shirt for her to wear with the skirt, but I didn't want to spend any money so I was DELIGHTED when I came across Jennifer's blog, Delightfully Noted, and she had a cute little FREE turkey printable iron on available. I printed it right off and ironed it onto a plain white shirt the little miss had in her closet. (you could use it to iron on to cloth napkins, an apron, a shirt, a towel, etc!)

And to make it just a wee bit more girly (and b/c I can't help but bling up anything I get my hands on) I added a few colored rhinestones I had by simply sticking a glue dot to the rhinestone and pressing it onto the shirt. I haven't tried washing it yet...do you think they will stay on in the wash?

The little miss loves it and it was free free free so I love it too! :)

Oh Thanksgiving...won't you come soon?! I'm waiting for you...

Thanks for reading! I'll be back tomorrow with quite possibly the simplest thing I've ever made using...place-mats. See ya then! :)

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