All Business Up Front, Party in the Back!

Just to clarify, this picture is of my brother-in-law, so there's no shared DNA. I've got seven bro-in-laws, so I won't say which one. Hint: His initials are "DS" just like mine!

In this amazing picture of himself, he added the gorgeous locks in back through the magic of and titled the pic, "All Business Up Front, Party in the Back!" then had the nerve, I mean brilliant insight, to post it on his FaceBook page. Like I said, no shared DNA...

I cracked up big time when I saw it, and it got me thinking. What is it we show the world "up front" and what do we hide in "the back." Now, don't go getting all obscene on me. I mean this as a deep, philosophical question - a sort of existential glimpse into the psyche of the human mind. (OMG - did you read that last sentence? Hilarious!)

Here are a few of my "up fronts" vs "in the backs". Don't worry, only one of them is "real." Okay, maybe two.

1) I know, I totally agree. Ann Coulter's a goddess! vs. What? You like Ann Coulter? Are you insane? She's the anitchrist, you nasty, bigoted, right-wing Republican SOB!

2) That's fascinating! vs. If you don't stop opening your mouth and having sound come out NOW, one of us is going to die.

3) What? Dream Agent SoAndSo asked you for a full? Awesome! vs. If you get an agent before I do, I'll sic my cat on your dog and swallow all the Lunesta in my bottle in one, big gulp.

4) Thanks, for tucking my tag in in the back. Damn tags! vs. If you touch me again, I'm calling the cops.

5) OMG - Your hair looks amazing! vs. Holy Mary, Mother of God, have you LOOKED in the mirror?

6) Oh, I'm so, so sorry! vs. You didn't win the lottery like you thought? Bwahaha!

7) Sure, I'd love to come for dinner next weekend! vs. Please, God, send me the flu on Saturday.

8) I'd love to follow you on FaceBook! vs. Dying to see goofy pictures of you so I can make fun of them on my blog.

9) Have a great weekend, y'all! vs. Have a REALLY great weekend, y'all!

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