Still No Video, But...

We just got back from another successful gig at the Diving Cat. Markels, the owner, had a beautiful spread of food, the crowd was consistent throughout the night, and the weather was beautiful right until we finished hauling all the equipment back into our car - then we got a massive downpour with the most spectacular lightening storm we've ever seen!

We also added a few songs to set list including "Air that I Breathe" by The Hollies, "Seasons of Wither" by Aerosmith, "Races are Run" by Stevie Nicks (from Buckingham Nicks) and "Man on the Moon" by REM.

Here's a picture of Markels creating a glass bead. She's SUCH an amazing artist!!! (This shot was taken through a glass window. Pretty cool, huh?)

Sorry, still no video, but here are a few more pics from the show:
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