May Every Single One of Your Sweet Dreams Come True

How many times has the artistic side of you rumbled with the logical side? Who usually wins out? For many years, I struggled with this, and often times the logical side won out. Why? Because it's easier, more logical, more socially acceptable. But the real story lies deeper still, for living a life of authenticity and intention is not a matter of right vs wrong or good vs evil - it's a matter of life vs mere survival.

So, what's a poor artist to do? It has taken me years to perceive not only in my head, but in my heart, that living anything other than an authentic life is meaningless, useless, petty, and perfectly uninspiring. For me, an inauthentic, unintentional life equals mere survival - not a particularly tasty choice. Instead, the life I choose involves a breathtaking explosion of creativity, self-expression, intentionality, and vulnerability.

Vulnerability, you ask? Why? Because we artists who tirelessly listen for the voices in the wind that rap upon our doors, and express those voices as genuinely, deeply, and beautifully as possible, expose ourselves. And exposure equals vulnerability. If you're clear about your personal vision, harsh words or form rejections mean nothing. If you're not, or feel the art is you, rather than is a part of you, you may fall prey to the critical words of others. If you allow it, words can slice you like a knife, cutting so deeply that you become paralyzed. But only if you allow it! Realizing you have the power to determine your success or failure gives you infinite freedom and ultimate success.

The greatest gift we artists can give ourselves and each other is permission to explore our talents fully, authentically, and intentionally, and to applaud and support each other in this ever-evolving endeavor.

So, to all my artsy friends out there - may your expressions be real, may your inspiration be bountiful, and may every single one of your sweet dreams come true.

Namaste! (I bow to you.)
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