Caution! Funny Cat Pics Ahead!

Do I like cats? Yeah, I'm kind of freakish that way. When asked how many cats I have I answer, "only six." I don't go to pet stores, because for me, there's no such thing as "window shopping." If I walk into a pet store and there's a cute kitten there, that kitten goes home with me. Therefore, I avoid pet stores at all costs.

On that note, I've been wanting to do a blog post featuring some of my favorite funny cat pics for a while. So, here goes...

The first two pictures are of my baby, Emma. She loves the shower, loves when sprinkles rain down from the heavens. Of course, she hides under the stool so she doesn't get the full brunt of the storm.

Besides Emma, here are some more I hope you'll enjoy. I've saved my favorites for the end. Of course, they pertain to writing.

Laugh! It's good for the soul.;-)
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