Diving Back In

It's true, the beautiful Markels (that's her with Chuck and I at our last gig) owner of the Diving Cat Studio and Gallery has lost her mind. The evidence? She's asked us to perform there again in honor of her buying the building the gallery's located in. Since we're idiots, we agreed. Why are we idiots some of you who are newer to this blog, and therefore, understandably more naive, may ask? Because I've not come up for air long enough to eat or take a shower in the past month due to insane editing, and Chuck's been crazy busy at his work as well. Therefore, no time to rehearse. When I mentioned this to my son, Ethan, he said, "What do you mean you have no time to rehearse? You guys have been practicing together for over 25 years!" Good point. From the mouths of babes, or in this case, a 17-year old genius. (Unbiased opinion from the genius's mom.)

So, here we go again, folks! Saturday night in downtown Phoenixville, PA, the one and only KARMA CHAIN will perform live at the Diving Cat Studio and Gallery. Come one, come all, and remember - the more you drink, the better we sound.;-)
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