Once in a Blue Moon...

My fingers are wearing thin... I'm editing MURDER ON TWILIGHT CIRCLE like a wild maniac. I thought this would be a breeze, just read through my shiny new manuscript, make a few quick changes, and presto-chango - I'm done. NOT!!!!

My writer friend from Ohio (who prefers to rename anonymous for fear of associating with lowlifes like me) and my husband have both read through my entire ms and given me wonderful editing ideas. My sisters and mom are waiting in the wings for my fully edited version so they can then suggest even more edits.

I've already sent off my first six chapters to one awesome agent, and another fantabulous agent is patiently awaiting my refined full. I thought I'd have it done by now but - as happens once in a blue moon - I was wrong. (Stop laughing, I can hear you with my supercharged and freakishly large blogosphere ears.)

So here I sit typing away on my laptop wearing my once perfectly polished fingernails, along with the rest of my fingers, to the bone. And, although I'd love to, I can't complain since I'm loving every minute of it. I just wish I was done so I could send off my requested full and touch up my query and start sending it out as well. I get such a rush when I send out queries! It's like a whole new world of spectacular possibilities opens up. Plus, I'll be able to start my next book, MURDER ON SONGBIRD LANE!

The gal I wrote about in my 6.22 post (There's a Girl I Know...) is doing GREAT! Her dad has not had a drink since the day of the incident, and he's going into rehab. She's thrilled at the prospect of her family healing. I'm happy for her and am cautiously optimistic that this will be a beautiful new beginning for her and her family. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and prayers on her behalf.
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