When You Look in the Mirror - What Do You See?

I've been thinking about "the call" a lot lately. In part, because some amazing writer friends have recently gotten their much-deserved calls, and in part because I'm feeling "ready." I know this sounds silly. I mean, who's not ready to hear a rock star agent loves their work and wants to represent them, or that their agent has sold their work in a triple-book deal to a big house? No one, of course. Yet, I think you need to feel ready deep down in your bones - like you've done the work, you're prepared and excited to do more, you're looking forward to continually "upping" your game, and that you, well, deserve it.

I thought I felt that way from the first time I put pen to paper in a "serious" manner nearly 15 years ago. But, I wasn't ready. Not by a long shot. I was merely dipping my toes in the novel-writing sea. It took me years to learn how to float, i.e., find my "voice," and years more to swim, i.e., figure out how to powerfully and passionately craft that voice into a meaningful story others would want to read. The fact that people are now enjoying my work and telling others about it is a wonder. It feels good, like my hard work is paying off - like I'm finally doing my job.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Where are you at in your writing game? Are you ready for The Call, or are you working towards the day you will be? The way I see it, as long as you're working hard to improve your craft, you are already successful. I often need to remind myself of this, but I do believe it's true.

As an enlightened friend from India wrote on his blog: "What you focus on expands." If you focus on your art, your goals, your dreams, your relationships, they will - in time - unfold and expand. On the same token, if you think negative thoughts or focus on what's not working (watering the weeds), that's what will show up in your life. The good news is we each have the innate ability to manifest our realities. So, choose your thoughts and actions wisely!

I'd like to thank the charming Stephanie Damore for honoring me with the following You Don't Say? Super Comments Award. Isn't it the cutest thing? Please stop over at her place and thank her for honoring me this way.

Now comes the hard part - passing along this auspicious award to five of my blogging buds who write kickass comments. Choosing only five is nearly impossible, since everyone who comments on my blog leaves funny, poignant, insightful comments. Nonetheless, I'll give it a go:

To my favorite southern belle, Angie at Gumbo Writer. Your comments always put a smile on my face. If only you'd realize how much better cats are than dogs...

To the sweet and savvy Karen at karen...following the whispers. She went back and completed her BA later in life - what's not to admire? Her comments are always thoughtful and kind.

To the lovely and talented Ray Veen at Big Plain V. He's always got some smart(ass) comment to add, plus he plays guitar and sings. (And, shhh, don't tell him, but he's one of my absolute faves...)

The also lovely and talented Paul Michael Murphy at Murph Blog. I was informed last time I gave out awards, that the male species was blatantly absent from my list. I'm making up for it here with another one of my favorite guys. Murph's a teacher. Need I say more?

And, lastly, the beautiful Anita Laydon Miller who was one of the first people in the blogosphere to compliment my writing on Jessica Faust's Holiday Contests. Her book reviews are riveting. I hope to meet her on one of my frequent trips to Colorado.

Believe me when I tell you, even if I didn't mention you here specifically, please feel free to take this award and place it proudly on your blog. Each and every one of you deserve it! I am constantly in awe of and forever grateful for the amazing peeps who follow my blog.

You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!
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