Home Sweet Home! Or Chelsea Handler Girl Crush, Buddha Revisions, & Baby Watch

The bad news and the good news is we're back from the beach. It's bad because I love the beach. I love everything about it. The glistening ocean, the waves crashing on the shore, the seagulls, the sand, the shells, the hot guys on surfboards, and especially the beach chair equipped with cup holder.

The good news is, I love being home. Home Sweet Home. In fact, I recently won a contest where you had to describe "home" in five words. My winning entry was: Home is where I'm complete. I know, sappy, but true. But, hey, I won a copy of, "After You," by Julie Buxbaum, so it was well worth straining my brain cells for!

Back to my weekend. Here I am with the lovely Allison Winn Scotch's amazing book "Time of My Life." Don't we look happy together? Yes, we were. In fact, we still are, since I'm not done reading it yet. But, I am loving it. If you haven't picked yourself up a copy, what are you waiting for? Hurry, run! Before they're all gone! I also managed to get a good amount of writing done on the beach. This was an unexpected bonus, since I gave myself a writing break over the weekend.

On Saturday night, we took a leisurely (NOT!) hour and a half drive down to Atlantic City to see one of my all-time heroes - the beautiful and hilarious Chelsea Handler. Man, do I have a girl crush! Here are a few pics. Note the shoes. They were like butta. I wanted to jump on stage, kiss her cute face, and rip those shoes right off her feet. Can you blame me? Do you see those shoes? (You're welcome for the close-up.) Thankfully, self-control got the better of me, but, trust me, it wasn't easy.

How's my writing going, you ask? Totally freaking awesome, that's how it's going. Of course, that may be a total lie. I'm about halfway through my first draft, so at this point, I have no clear idea if the story makes any sense at all. That's okay, though. I'm having fun. I love the characters and the dialogue, and I'm fairly sure there's a cohesive story there somewhere. We'll see what happens after the first draft is done. That's when Buddha steps in. He's the guy who invented revisions and editing. Yeah, that's right. Revisions and editing were Buddha's ideas. He wasn't just fat, he was smart as well. And, that, my friends, explains why writing is such a spiritual experience.

My family and I are on 'baby watch' for my youngest sister. I try not to call her my "little" sister or "baby" sister anymore - she doesn't like those endearing terms. She's 9 months pregnant, so I suppose little or baby are wildly inappropriate. She's due any minute. Literally. Any. Minute. Her due date is... TODAY! We're holding our collective breath and anxiously waiting itty-bitty-baby-Bischoff. Come out, little baby (words used appropriately here). Come out and play with Aunt Debbie! Uh, oh. I hope that's not why the baby hasn't come out yet...
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