Debate Night in Denver / Mom Update

Well, well, well. I arrived in Denver today just in time to see the Fight of the Century. We've now been treated to Round Two of this heavyweight match. Like the majority of Americans, I think Obama won. McCain's condescending attitude toward his rival is crystal clear and highly unattractive. (Can you say, bigot?) I had the privilege of viewing the debate with my politically savvy parents and sister, Sharon ("Shelly" in Little Pearls if you must know). We're all die-hard Democrats, so it's no surprise we thought Obama scored a TKO. I wish I had a ten dollar bill for every time McCain said, "my friends" - I could pay my mortgage off! And that would be helpful, because it would be one less mortgage the banks would have to pay off under McCain's plan. And when he referred to Obama as, "that one" I about lost my cookies. (Chocolate chip, by the way, purchased at Baker's Way on Arapahoe Road.) At the end of the debate, I turned to my sister and uttered these fateful words "Obama is going to win the election." I've never even dared think that before, never mind say it out loud. I'm pretty sure I said Al Gore and John Kerry would win, and we all know what happened there... I figured it would be like a black cat crossing my path - I'd jinx the whole thing - that with one aniticipatory thought I could tragically swing the entire election in McCain's favor. Yeah, right. I don't even have the power to get my kids to eat healthier or get my husband to listen to anything I say. Like I'm going to change the course of history with a single thought.
Here's to Round Three - Oct. 15th, 2008 and the biggest event of all - Nov. 4th! VOTE OBAMA!!!

Mom's doing great! She barely even needs me! She looks beautiful, which given she had major surgery less than a week ago, is really saying something. She's no longer lopsided, and in a few, short months she'll have a rack that will make her four daughters jealous. Go mom! More importantly, the pain she was experiencing under her right arm has subsided - that is a super-big plus. And, to those of you who have sent good wishes her way - I can't thank you enough. Although, my single thought will undoubtedly have no effect on the outcome of this campaign, your collective good wishes certainly make a very big difference in my mom's well-being. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
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