Successful Surgery!

Does Sarah Palin really have the balls to go up against Joe Biden tonight? It seems like the minute she opens her mouth, a foot immediately follows. She truly is dumber than a stump, but really, who cares. She's just vying for the #2 and possibly #1 most important and powerful person on the planet. No big deal.

Her interview with Katie Couric was more disturbing than her unbearably vacant one with Charlie Gibson. I didn't think that was possible. Her total lack of even the slightest grasp on matters such as Supreme Court decisions, finance, foreign policy or even what freaking newspapers or magazines she reads is a real mind blower. Oh, wait, I almost forgot - Alaska's proximity to Russia and Canada do lend a unique perspective for Ms. Palin in foreign policy matters. What an upper hand she has over Joe Biden! What does he know? He's only the Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs (check out - I guarantee you won't find the Honorable Former Beauty Queen from the Great State of Alaska anywhere on the website.) Tina Fey's take on her is the most spot on I've ever seen. And that alone is enough to scare the living shit out of all Americans and planetary creatures everywhere.

Hopefully, the numbers will continue to give Obama a clear and much-deserved lead. A couple of weeks ago my dad said Obama will win by a landslide, and I told him, "from your lips to God's ears!" while thinking, "yeah, right dad - not gonna happen." My dad has always been a smart guy. I certainly hope his prediction plays out.

Obama will be here in PA at Abbington High School tomorrow morning, and Bruce Springsteen will be performing a FREE Vote for Change rally in Philly on Saturday! What a coincidence that so many of our great thinkers and artists are firmly in Obama's court. Hmmm. I wonder what they know that our Republican friends don't seem to grasp?

Mom's surgery was a huge success - yeah! Last night she was quite strung out on morphine and saying funny things. Doctor: "Judy, do you know why you're in the hospital?" Mom: "I'm having a baby!" Thankfully, I have no new siblings, and she had an uneventful night. My dad, sisters, and some of mom's closest friends are with her. Hopefully, she'll be out on Monday, and I'll arrive on Tuesday to help out in any way I can. Healing prayers and lots of love and gratitude to you, mom!

I'm having fun writing what I think may turn out to be additional chapters to Little Pearls. One is on buying cars, and the other is about working as an interior designer with my dear friend, Cindy. Maybe I'll post them when they're done. I'm also about 12,000 words into my second, as yet unnamed, book.

Peace out, my friends, and Happy Debate Watching to all!
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