Obama - The New Castro!

OK, my blood is boiling at about 1000 degrees. I just received several e-mails from, believe it or not, one of my best friends. Yes, he has a half-black/half-white grandson who should be excited to have such a great role model as Barack Obama. Yes, he loves the Grateful Dead, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac. Yes, he still smokes pot occasionally. Yes, he lives in a nice house and drinks great wine. And, yes, he's a die-hard Republican.

The most sickening e-mail he sent was a You Tube video comparing Obama to Castro. Just when you think the Republicans have sunk to the lowest they can go, they dig a little deeper. I am so disgusted that half of the people in this country are so blatantly prejudice, uninformed, and, dare I say it, mean! I don't like McCain, but it's not because I think he's evil like Castro. Or that he "pals around with terrorists." It's because he crashed a few too many planes when he was in the Navy, graduated near the bottom of his class, and rolls his eyes at nearly everything Obama says. And, oh yeah, when he was married to his first wife he had a torrid love affair with a hot, young, wealthy chick who then became his second wife, and, of course, there's the little issue of his voting with Bush over 90% of the time and choosing an unvetted Caribou Barbie for a running mate. In other words, I don't like McCain because of the facts of his life, not because of some BS that was dreamed up by some liberal wack jobs that has no basis in reality.

I guess it should come as no surprise that the GOP's only line of defense at this point is to make really nasty stuff up. I should be pleased at these blaring signs of desperation, that SS McCain/Palin is sinking like The Titanic, and that they see no other means of victory in sight besides playing dirty and telling outright lies. (Mike Tyson must be so proud. In fact, maybe he's their campaign manager!)

However, being the tree-hugging liberal that I am, I want everyone to get along. Kumbaya and all that other sort of rot. I just wish everyone would play nice and let the chips fall honestly where they may.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take my sweet, innocent, little girl toys and go home.
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