From Greed to Green

First of all, I'm back home in the lovely suburbs of Philly again. GO PHILLIES!!! The good news is our "Obama/Biden" signs haven't been snagged and are still standing on our front lawn. And thank goodness, really, otherwise I'd have to replace them with the "Kerry/Edwards" sign I've got framed in my living room. The bad news is I have to unpack. I don't know about you, but there is a drastic difference between packing (good!) and unpacking (evil!). I look forward to going through the mail (blatant lie) and getting my life back to "normal." (If that ever actually happens, I'll be sure to let you know.)

Before I give you my schpiel (or "spiel" whichever spelling you prefer) on Obama's upcoming landslide, I have to mention this hilarious blog my sister, Laurie, turned me on to the other day: It's written by two 82 year-old women who are a total hoot! Really, this is a must-see.

Now, for my take on Debate #3: Duh, Obama won. By like, omigod, a mile and a half. Or possibly even two! Really, people, is there some sort of competition here? It's almost as ridiculous as watching Bush debate Kerry. Why are the Republicans so stupid? Is it genetic? If McCain referred to Joe the Plumber (who, btw, is not a certified plumber!) one more time, I was going to have to find him and hurt him. (McCain, not Joe the Nonplumber. My skimpy frame is no match for Joe's fake plumber muscles. McCain, however, I could take with my eyes closed, which is how I'd prefer to view him.) Speaking of which, his pompous rolling of the eyes and incessant blinking is enough to make anyone crazy. Four years of that, and I'd be locked up in a padded room. (Hopefully, with a lot of other formerly sane Americans and with cases of 2006 WillaKenzie Estates Pinot Noir!) Obama is clearly the winner here, and I predict will be on November 4th. At that point, I pray I never have to see the the ugly and annoying faces of the Dynamic Duo again (guess which one's ugly and which is annoying). Do you know how lame you have to be to make Dan Quayle seem smart? It's a special kind of dumb.

Funny Bumper Sticker Alert: Honk if you know how many houses you own!

Mark my words: I think the fallout from the worldwide financial meltdown will actually be good! This is a gigantic wake-up call to all who have fallen into the "keeping up w/the Joneses" trap (I'm at the top of the list). Hopefully, we will transform from "Greed" to "Green" and start living like this is, in fact, our only planet, that we must take care of it responsibly and treat it with respect, and that we will start treating our bank accounts the same way - with responsibility and respect. I saw a great video the other day of this woman who had over 100 credit cards from which she was more than $30K in debt. In less than two years she managed to climb out of her debt. "Don't bother to keep up with the Joneses," she said, "The Joneses are broke!" How true! What are we trying to prove? I have been totally guilty of this awful crime for far too long. With you and God as my witness, I am turning over a new leaf! For starters, I promise to cut my facials back from once a month to every other month. Hey, a girl has to start somewhere! (Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It's been 45 days since my last facial.)

What are you willing to cut down on and/or give up? (And, please don't say, "sex." First of all, that's plain stupid. Secondly, it won't help the economy or planet any. And, most importantly it will make you less interesting and noticeably grumpier, and it's already hard enough putting up w/you the way you are.)
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