VP Debate Recap

Well, well, well. Sarah met her embarrassingly low expectations, but ever so barely. Is that good for the dynamic duo of McCain/Palin? Possibly. It may slow the free fall their campaign is in, but there's no guarantee. It's actually quite refreshing to see Red America collectively rubbing the sleep out of their eyes and waking up to the insanity of the Republican offering. Her "folksy" comments and winks were enough to put all thinking humans into a state of near frenzy. One more wink would have sent my poor husband, Chuck, flying through the TV in order to strangle her slowly. And he is not a violent man. I kept waiting for her to bring out her pom-poms and shout, "Go Republicans!" or swing a lasso in the air while yelling,"Yee Haw!" Joe Biden was calm and brilliant and clearly knows his stuff. It was like watching Cat Woman debate Ghandi. I'm glad it's over, but it's hard to imagine the two remaining presidential debates will be as interesting.

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